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Welcome to CWA Local 4320

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Retiree Discount Information

Eligible AT&T retirees will be offered a 30 percent discount off  wireless service – an increase from the 19 percent discount.

A few more details about the discount:

  • 30 percent discount on all applicable wireless rate plans and features on up to two accounts

  • Waived upgrade and activation fees

  • 40 percent off select accessories






 Sisters and Brothers,


Thank you for all your efforts in opposition to Ohio HB 490 and congratulations on your temporary victory.

 The attached announcement from Senate President Faber reflects your efforts. Along with our allies at AARP, the Ohio Consumers Counsel, and the Alliance for Retired Americans, we made hundreds of phone calls, attended hearings, and made numerous lobbying visits. Together, we were able to temporarily stop bad legislation from being passed.


 Our work is not done. We know that HB 490 will come up again in January. The telecom piece may or may not be in it. CWA will be watching closely and keep you posted as this legislation moves forward.

 From Administrative Director Frank Mathews and myself, thank you again and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year.


In Solidarity,


William Bain Communications Workers of America District 4 Representative 440-333-6363


Senate Will Not Move House Bill 490 In 130th General Assembly

Statement from Senate President Keith Faber

Posted December 09, 2014 by Majority Caucus




Ohio Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) issued the following statement today regarding House Bill 490:

“After consulting with my colleagues, I’ve decided the Senate will not act on House Bill 490 during this legislative session.  We simply need more time to consider the substantive issues contained in the 264-page document, and time is not our ally in a lame duck session.  Our colleagues in the House had the benefit of eight months to consider the bill between its introduction and passage; we’ve had it in the Senate for less than three weeks.  I came to this decision reluctantly, as I know many people have worked long hours to move House Bill 490 through the legislative process.  We are absolutely committed to renewing the debate on these important issues at the outset of the new General Assembly in January.”



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CWA Member

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Brittney (Byford) Russell (19), a Union sister in Dallas, TX Local 6215. She was involved in a fatal car accident on Monday driving home from work after 1am. It was her first day in the field as a U-Verse Wire Technician





The ATT Contract expires in 9 pay days


ATT has a plan in place: 

  • Changing work groups and creating division within Union membership
  • Excessive discipline and intimidation from ever evolving productivity/tech expectation evaluation
  • Deregulation at a state and national level to break apart the Bell system public trust
  • Increased contracting out of Union work


The Union can only be strong when we work together. Our plan is:

  • Encourage members to save at least $100 a payday in case we have to go on strike
  • Increase participation at membership meetings and Union committee
  • Give the Union feedback about how we are representing you




Current Officers:

Cathy Mason-Vallance – President

Jay Walther – Vice President

Glen Skeen – Treasurer


Next Union MeetingFebruary 11, 2015