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We have been notified that District 4 Vice President, Linda Hinton has submitted a Demand to Bargain in the Midwest over DTV.   The Company has indicated to the Union previously that they want the Union to drop our fiber issues and the right to grieve the scope of work in the future for 20 cents per hour more for premise technicians.  The Union has refused to do so.  This demand to bargain  is extremely important considering the company is migrating from the U-verse platform to the DTV platform for video services. While it might be easy to criticize we cannot forget we only have this opportunity because we are UNION and have a collective bargaining agreement. Together we are union, divided we are not. Where we end up on this issue is unknown at this time, but we must stand together.  As you are all aware, every day the Company issues a new assault on Union members in search of bigger profit margins.  Together we are the last line of defense for the American way of life,  no progress is made without a fight!  Because of your engagement, we have come to where we are today.  We must continue to stand united in this and all of our fights if we expect to achieve. As more information becomes available, we will keep you updated.

In Solidarity, Jay Walther President




Attention Midwest Members:

DirectTV Information:

The Union has been notified that the Company plans to schedule training for the impending DirectTV product. This is to be rolled out nationwide and we are unclear at this what the training will entail, who it will be provided to, or when it will occur. As we get more information on this, we will share it.

Please notify your steward or the Local Union office if you hear any information concerning the DirectTV merger or any changes that could or would affect our members including training information. Information from the workplace is important for the Local to understand what the Company’s intentions are, identify any issues, and determine how we need to address any issues.


Ted Strickland Still Standing with the Working Class 


 Important Member Information Concerning the Anthem Hack


Anthem Provides Update on Id Theft Services for Members Affected By Cyber Attack

Consumers will be able to sign up for identity theft repair and credit monitoring services — offered free of charge for two years — beginning Friday at 2 p.m. ET Information on how to enroll will be posted  at anthemfacts.com. (Updated 2/13/2015)



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Current Officers:

Jay Walther – President

Glen Skeen – Vice President

Todd Banks – Treasurer


Next Union Meeting: June 8, 2016