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Welcome to CWA Local 4320


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Important Information on the Tentative Agreement  (AT&T)


The officers of CWA local 4320 strongly recommend a NO vote on the AT&T Midwest contract. We are asking that everyone look to the future and demand that we all move forward. This contract does not do this.

Mobilize in your office, garage and with your friends to make sure we send the bargaining team back to the table with a strong NO vote on this contract VOTE NO!!! Ballots will be mailed May 29th.


Contact the union hall if you have not received your ballot by June 8th.


Attention June Union Meeting Information


Due to the 75th CWA Convention being held on June 8-10, the June local membership meeting has been rescheduled to June 17th 2015.



  2ND Annual JH

Please use the below listed link to download and print the registration sheet.


 Golf Registration


Ted Strickland Still Standing with the Working Class 


 Important Member Information Concerning the Anthem Hack


Anthem Provides Update on Id Theft Services for Members Affected By Cyber Attack

Consumers will be able to sign up for identity theft repair and credit monitoring services — offered free of charge for two years — beginning Friday at 2 p.m. ET Information on how to enroll will be posted  at anthemfacts.com. (Updated 2/13/2015)



When news breaks, you want to know about it. And know what’s coming next.


The new CWA Movement Builder App for iPhone® and Android™ is now available. Download it today to receive updates about CWA rallies and event, chances to grow your union, and get breaking news.

More information: cwa-union.org/app-info





The ATT Contract has expired


ATT has a plan in place: 

  • Changing work groups and creating division within Union membership
  • Excessive discipline and intimidation from ever evolving productivity/tech expectation evaluation
  • Deregulation at a state and national level to break apart the Bell system public trust
  • Increased contracting out of Union work


The Union can only be strong when we work together. Our plan is:

  • Encourage members to save at least $100 a payday in case we have to go on strike
  • Increase participation at membership meetings and Union committee
  • Give the Union feedback about how we are representing you




Current Officers:

Jay Walther – President

Glen Skeen – Vice President

Todd Banks – Treasurer


Next Union Meeting: June 17, 2015